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  • Because to succeed in one’s business is not only to succeed in one’s professional life, but also in other aspects of one’s life, such as: One’s family or intimate life, one’s social life, one’s physical and mental health, one’s spiritual life, one’s financial life, one’s intellectual life, its contribution to the world or other areas that belong to you.
  • Often when you address a professional in one of the areas you want to develop the others are neglected and if one area is neglected all the other areas are pulled down. To make up for this disadvantage, we have brought together professionals from other fields in the same structure in coherence and knowledge of all personal and professional elements
  • A business manager comes to us to create his business cards, fine, but has he already decided on the overall image of his company, its values, the real activity he wants to promote, the real motivations that push him to undertake? Let us study together all facets, all needs, and accompany him in all needs to be truly effective.
  • PROenVUE Consulting is a company that sets up all of your communication so that you can evolve at your own pace.
  • Between site creation and telephony, we are a group of specialized teams in the field of communication, and we can help you on the path of your greatness.
  • Small Business Development Assistance.

    Starter pack dedicated to the artisan merchant SME:
  • Internet sites
  • Study of contents
  • Creation, hosting,
  • Domain name.
  • Brochure business card
    Telephony (telephone reception, appointment booking).
  • SEO.

  • Natural
  • Internet
  • Registration on directories and search engines
  • Communication by subject:
    Printed T-shirt (logo/brand)
    Bags (cloth/plastic)
  • Coaching

    Accompany the head of the company so that he becomes a conductor rather than the man-Orchestra
    Support employees